Confederate Memorial Day, April 2019
Children of Confederacy at Oaklawn Cemetery


2019-2020- Chapter Objectives

Memorial – Honoring the memory of the Confederate Veteran

Historical – Helping to preserve the true history of our southern heritage

Benevolent – Supporting Florida Baptist Children’s Home  & Local First Responders

Patriotic – STANO Foundation

Educational – Pioneer Florida Museum & Village

From our Director....

Simply put, children are not taught the truth about the Confederacy and the War Between the States in their schools, public and private. Most textbooks shorten the causes of the War to a sentence or two about ending slavery. Freeing the slaves was not Lincoln’s intent until he saw emancipation as a way to hasten the end of the War.  And even then, he excepted four slaveholding Union states from the Proclamation, and had previously called for exporting former slaves to Africa or the Caribbean.

Unless we intervene, our children will grow up being ashamed of their Confederate ancestors based on the myths being perpetrated in schools.

The objective of the Children of the Confederacy is to teach our children and grandchildren the whole story.  They also get a fun place to come to talk and play with other children with their common Heritage. 

With guests speakers, movies, books, learning aids, games, puzzles, catechism quizzes and living histories, members of our Children of the Confederacy Chapter will have an alternative source of learning about the honor of their Confederate ancestors and why they fought.

Projects include offering scholarships to worthy Southern students, preserving Southern documents and monuments, aiding needy Confederate ladies, studying books on Southern history, writing essays and poems on Confederate heritage, learning the Catechism on the History of the Confederate States of America, celebrating Confederate anniversaries through Memorial Services and re-enactments and supporting Southern causes.

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-by Dali Anne King Stern

  A school mate asked me why I want to be,
  A member of the Children of the Confederacy?
  Didn't all of my ancestors own slaves,
  And beat anyone of them that misbehaves?
  Weren't they rebels to a cause without meaning,
  Other than to keep their slaves from fleeing?
  Didn't my ancestors try to destroy our nation,
  Just so they could pursue their wild fascination?

  Well, I stopped her right there and told her the truth,
  But she still had her doubts because of my youth.
  How could I be right when she heard opposite from her teachers,
  As well as from her parents and other anti-Southern preachers?
  I wanted to stop, but to have done so would have been remiss,
  For then my school mate would continue in her misinformed bliss.

  So, I tried that much harder to get her to see,
  And slowly, but finally she began to agree,
  That the gospel from the north wasn't necessarily so,
  And I, as a Southern child, had the duty to show,
  That the reason for the War wasn't about even one slave,
  But instead about how honorable people should behave.

  All of that time just to make one person see,
  I can't do it alone, so I belong to the CofC.

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